Who we are?



Our Impact

With our activities we contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

DONKYA's products and production methods are based on reducing the destructive cycle that is generated in the current plastic production system, providing an alternative by transforming plastic waste into new products.

Our products are made from recovered plastic, giving a more environmentally friendly option, taking into account that a percentage of the profits will be used to revive and maintain ecosystems that reduce CO2 emissions.

A percentage of the profits from our products will be used to contribute to and conserve important biodiversity ecosystems.

Our Intitiatives

What we do?

Some of our key activities are as follows:

Education & Research

Education is a key foundation in society development but there are some places on earth that require assitance in order to reach access to new tech and platforms that will empower them.

Plastic Recycling

Through DONKYA PLASTIC we are implementing plastic recycling processes that will let us produce new products, from waste plastic.


Our mision is to encourage local communities to live in armony with nature, not harming local species...

Joinning forces

The Team

Romana Rainer


Anyelisa Yesquen


Carlos Sanabria