Who are we?

Association for the protection of the environment, nature and animals.

We are a non-profit association that aims to integrate a more sustainable way of life and to preserve and protect the diversity and biodiversity of nature by conserving and restoring natural areas destroyed by human activities. Our objective is to raise awareness of environmental and animal protection and to promote the sustainable use of resources in order to improve the health and well-being of people and nature.


Education and research are fundamental to the evolution and conscious change in the relationship between communities and nature.

Protection and restoration of ecosystems

We preserve existing habitats for animal and plant biodiversity. Furthermore, we turn back destroyed nature into functioning ecosystems and promote ways for nature and humans to coexist.


Being environmentally sustainable means living in harmony with nature. That is why we promote a lifestyle and farming technique that is in harmony with nature.

What we do?


The aim of the SINERGISIEMBRA campaign in collaboration with the association KOKOPELLI is to develop community projects with farming families in South America through the acquisition of seeds, education on various important points of our vision, such as the promotion of healthy food autonomy in harmony with nature and the knowledge and the motivation to multiply their own organic seeds.

Gardens of Life

Among the programs offered by the DONKYA association, the Gardens of Life project aims to reconnect people with nature and thereby offer them a space for personal and inner growth.

Meet Our Team!


Carlos Sanabria



Romana Rainer

Vice President


Anyelisa Yesquen

Project manager in Perú

Recurso 17

Marcela Sanabria

Project manager in Colombia

Your Support Is Essential

Donate for a Sustainable Future

Your donation is crucial to our mission of protecting the environment and promoting sustainability. Join us in building a greener future together.

Environmental Impact

With our commitment we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Climate Action

With our activities we contribute to the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere. Through the restoration and renaturation of desolate and polluted soils, as well as through reforestation, more CO2 can be stored and absorbed.

Responsible consumption and production

DONKYA seeks to care for and develop responsibly in terms of consumption and production, applying permaculture and regeneration techniques without the destruction of natural ecosystems.

Life on Land

By protecting and restoring ecosystems of various types, DONKYA creates and maintains habitats for wild animals and plants and thus contributes to their protection and diversity.

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Loving your mission guys!! Keep up the great work 🤍💪🏼🌼
Brynja Tomer
Brynja Tomer
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Qué bello el trabajo que estan haciendo - Beutiful work!
Maria Paula
Maria Paula
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Supporting Subheading
  • Donkya is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the environment, nature, and animals. Our primary focus is integrating a more sustainable way of life and conserving the diversity and biodiversity of nature.
  • You can contribute to our projects in various ways, including monetary donations, volunteering in local activities, and spreading our message of environmental awareness.
  • Donkya operates primarily in South America, with projects in countries such as Peru and Colombia. Additionally, we are active in Austria. However, our mission has a global reach, and we collaborate with communities worldwide.
  • Donations we receive are directly allocated to funding our projects, including purchasing materials, organizing educational events, and implementing environmental conservation initiatives.
  • At Donkya, we value transparency and accountability. We regularly publish reports on the progress of our projects and strive to maintain open and honest communication with our donors and followers.

At Donkya, we believe in community-driven change. Your support helps protect native seeds, promote education, and preserve wildlife. Every donation, large or small, brings us closer to a sustainable and equitable future. Thank you for being part of our journey towards a greener tomorrow!

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