We are starting in Colombia!

Continuing our work in the communities of Peru. We are proud to inaugurate our education and planting projects now in Colombia, specifically in the Risaralda region.
On the path of working and sharing the preservation of the earth through our projects, we can now promote this message of love and care in Colombia, a country that stands out with natural qualities and beauties. Our Project Leaders will begin in the city of Pereira by creating planting and education centers for the conservation of native seeds and soil regeneration.                    Among the programmes in the DONKYA in Colombia association, the Gardens of Life project is designed to work together with therapeutic communities with methodologies based on agro-cultivation, permaculture and the connection and care of nature,
The Gardens of Life Project is designed to educate and train the members of the community in natural spaces on the care and preservation of the environment, giving a direct participation to each of the members through the cycle of the whole process of cultivation that we call «wheel of the garden and life».

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