Donkya to intervene in Lambayeque’s high Andean communities

23 February 2023 News

Thanks to the successful experience of growing tubers, vegetables and cereals in bio-gardens, achieved by villagers in the high Andean communities of Lambayeque, the Donkya Foundation, based in Austria, will intervene in this department to continue promoting sustainable agricultural practices.


This was announced by its representative in our country, Anyelisa Yesquen, who together with the regional manager of Agriculture, Felicita Tocto Guerrero, and the Engineer Renzo Carrillo Gonzáles, visited the community of Shita, in Incahuasi, where they participated in the harvest of beetroot, onion and cabbage grown in a bio-garden.


«Fundación Donkya was created with the aim of conserving and restoring ecosystems, promoting biodiversity and fostering a local and autonomous food supply through biodiversity and sustainable agricultural practices. We are committed to ecological and sustainable agriculture using the permaculture approach,» said Anyelisa Yesquen.


Yesquen said Donkya seeks to sow education and create tools that will enable us to support our farmers in creating sustainable bio-gardens with seeds of grains, medicinal plants and vegetables, thus living in harmony with nature.  It is a community initiative that emerged with the aim of doing something for the earth, for this environment that we inhabit and which we use, our planet.

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